The 14 Best FREE Delay VST Plugins (2021)

Delays are an audio effect for creating "echoes", the sound will repeat itself over a certain period of time (feedback).

They are great for all kinds of stuff, for vocals to fill out space or creative uses on drums and guitars.

So here's the list of the top 16 best free delays you should try out!

1. Valhalla Super Massive

valhalla supermassive best free delay vst

Valhalla Super Massive from Vallhalladsp which is otherwise famous for their room reverb has an amazing free delay plugin. 

With this you can create massive delays and reverbs, it sound really wide and lush great for atmospheres.

With the "warp" knob it will affect the length of the delay from the feedbacks relative to the delay setting, what it means in other words you can change it from simple echoes, to resonant echoes all they way to lush wide reverb. Amazing!

Also got some modulation controls for chorus effect and an EQ.

Definitely a worth download, I would even pay good price for this one.


Valhalla Super Massive available on Mac & PC

2. KiloHearts Delay

kilohearts delay

For a simple clean & straight forward delay kilohearts got you covered.

It has the basic delay functions with ping pong delay which means each delay bounces between left & right speaker.

But the most cool function is the "duck" knob, which means the delay volume will be "ducked"/turned down when the original source audio is playing, thus making the original sound come through dry and then after the delay comes up.

KiloHearts Delay available on Mac & PC

3. Valhalla Freq Echo

valhalla freq echo

Another from vallhalladsp but they are so good, but this one is an analog echo emulation + bode-style frequency shifter to create more strange interesting delays.

There subtle chorus and weird phasing flanging effects to create some weird echo chaos!


Valhalla Freq Echo available on Mac & PC

4. Voxengo Tempo Delay

voxengo tempo delay

Voxengo tempo delay is a delay that has many controls to really dial in exactly what your looking for.

It got filters, tremolo section and with seperate controls for each stereo channel. You can independently change settings for right and left rather than both left and right having same settings.


Voxengo Tempo Delay available on Mac & PC

5. Delay by Stagecraft

Delay stagecraft free vst

This delay plugin has a modern and clear high resolution spectrum display to see visually what the delay is doing.

It also has quantization delays which means each delay is on the beat or choose from dotted, straight or triplets. 

You can also affect each left & right indepently with effects, filters, automations and great preset bank to choose from if you want something quickly.

Delay by Stagecraft available on Mac & PC

6. TAL-Dub-3

TAL-Dub-3 delay

TAL-dub-3 is from TAL which is known for analog emulation plugins, this delay is no different.

It sounds good from the default it has a alias free saturation that you can control with the input drive knob.

Simple and straight forward but I like the saturation knob makes the delay sound warmer.

TAL-Dub-3 available on Mac & PC

7. HYDelay 4 Free version

hydelay 4 free

HYDelay is a straight forward delay with clean interface that is easy to understand.

Standard delay functions, feedback, equalizer, high pass low pass but it has the ducker knob which like before the delay ducks in volume for the original audio then goes back up. Basically sidechaining the original audio.

And at the bottom you can randomize the settings by clicking the dices + an output limiter.

There is a paid one but if you scroll down a bit you get to the free version.


HYDelay available on Mac & PC

8. Lagrange

Lagrange ursadsp kvr

Lagrange is a granular delay vst that will create some interesting stereo delays.

Each grain is from a different point in the delay buffer which will create this weird chrystal sound. Great for creating effects/sound design.


Lagrange available on Mac & PC

9. Cocoa Delay

cocoa delay

Cocoa delay is a open-source free delay plugin that is a another really clean and straight forward interface.

All the basic delay functions with a drive knob for saturation and ducking sidechain.

What is unique about this one is that is has a "drift" knob. What it does it gives the wet delay signal a slight wow/flutter effect making it pitch drift a bit. That makes it sound a bit vintage vinyl old and lofi.


Cocoa Delay available on Mac & PC

10. Voxengo Sound Delay

voxengo sound delay

Voxengo is a stripped down delay that focus on being very precise in in the delay. You can specify each delay in milliseconds and samples.

Great delay if you need a high level of precision. You can also effect mid & side signals differently.

Voxengo Sound Delay available on Mac & PC

11. Spaceship Delay

Spaceship Delay

The Spaceship delay is emulating the KORG monotron delay which is a analog "space" delay for a unique crazy out of this world feedback delays.

Got the standard delay functions but with a few more interesting analog emulation filters. And a freeze / looper knob which means the delay will go on forever when enabled.

Definitely worth a download for more spacious & "psychedelic" delays.

Spaceship Delay available on Mac & PC

12. Hysteresis

Hysteresis glitch delay

Hysteresis is a free delay that is focusing on glitch and weird experimental artifacts.

It's aimed for sound designers and musicians to when you want to mess something up, run through some guitars or vocals and you'll get surprised.

And it also can do the classic delays.


Hysteresis available on Mac & PC

13. Dead Duck Delay (Effects Bundle)

dead duck delay mono

Dead duck offers a whole suite of free plugins bundle which covers every essential mixing tool.

In there there's a great simple delay and a mono delay but what you also get all the audio effects you would ever need.

Dead Duck Delay available on Mac & PC

14. Delay Studio

 delay studio

The delay studio is unique that it's a multiband delay which means each delay is split into three parts where you can independently change the delay settings for low frequencies, mid and high frequencies.

Each band is adjustable to your preferences from 0hz to 20 000hz.

And comes with different filter types and LFOs to modulate the filters

Delay Studio available on Windows 32 bit only (Use jbridge for 64 bit)


That's all hope you enjoy.

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